Luka Sekolec BSc PhD CPhys MInstP

Born 31st July 1943 in Novo Mesto, Slovenija.

Sep. 1950 --> Jun. 1952 Primary School, Celje, Slovenija
Sep. 1952 --> Apr. 1954 Primary School, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Apr. 1954 --> Jul. 1954 Saunders Grove Primary School, London
Sep. 1954 --> Jul. 1960 St. Thomas Moore Secondary Modern, London
Examinations: Royal Society of Arts,
London Chamber of Commerce
Sep. 1960 --> Jul. 1962 Kingsway Day College, London
Examinations: General Certificate of Education, 'O' level
Sep. 1962 --> Jul. 1964 The Polytechnic, Regent Street, London
Examinations: General Certificate of Education, 'A' level
Aug. 1964 --> Nov. 1964 Lucas factory, London
Semi-skilled worker
Nov. 1964 --> Dec. 1964 Fick Institute of Data Processing, London
Autocode Programming Course for IBM 1401/60
Feb. 1965 --> Sep. 1968 Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Dorking
(Outstation of University College London)
Data Processing Assistant.
Sep. 1968 --> Jul. 1971 The Polytechnic of Central London
Student - BSc Honors in Physics
Sep. 1971 --> Nov. 1974 The Polytechnic of Central London
(now University of Westminster)
Research Assistant - PhD in Physics
Nov. 1974 --> Dec. 1976 CERN, Geneva
Research Fellow - Software for Accelerator Control
(Editor of Europhysics News - 1975)
Jan. 1977 --> Sep. 1978 Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart
Physicist - Software for Solid State Physics Experiments
Oct. 1978 --> Sep. 1987 SIN, Villigen, Switzerland
Physicist - Software for Accelerator Control
Oct. 1987 --> May 2008 PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
Support for Accelerator Control
Implementation of IBM Emulator 370 for data analyses
Implementation of Fermi Lab ACP for parallel processing
Support of PSI Macintosh community
Support for PANDA (test reactor) project
Mass storage (SAN, Archiving, Hierarchical management)
Coordination of Computing Division with Desk Top Publishing
Coordination of Computing Division with SLS (Swiss Light Source)
Project Management for Database applications development