Marta Sekolec, oec

* 28 July 1948     + 23 July 2012


Last modified: October 11, 2013

In 1966, after finishing grammar school, I came to London for one year to improve my English. During this time I met Luka and we married in 1972. Before moving to London where our daughter Monika was born in 1973, I studied in Maribor at the High School of Economics, now part of the University of Maribor. In 1974 we moved from London to Geneva in Switzerland. We lived in Meyrin, on the outskirts of the city of Geneva, fairly close to CERN. During our stay in Geneva, our son Rok was born.

End of 1976 we moved to Stuttgart in Germany. We lived on the outskirts of Stuttgart in Botnang, where we got to know people from various parts of the world with many of whom we still have contact.

In October 1978 we came back to Switzerland, this time to Brugg.

In 1986 we bought our house and soon after I found myself a job in the export division of +GF+, later M+S in Brugg.

Beginning of 1992 I found a secretarial job at the ETH Zurich in the Institute of Particle Physics IPP.

On 1st April 2008, as a result of a reorganisation, I went into early retirement. My boss became president of the ETH Zurich and I had the option of working in Zurich or early retirement. Since Luka was about to retire anyway, I decided to quit work.



Lebenslauf gelesen während der Abdankungsfeier in Brugg am 3. August 2012 um 11:00Uhr