Monika Sekolec
Notary public


Last modified: December 13, 2019

I was born in London, United Kingdom during my father's time as a research assistant (had the pleasure of banging on his typewriter as he was writing his PhD thesis) and was just over a year old when we moved to Geneva, Switzerland. A year later my brother Rok was born. After another year we moved again, this time to Stuttgart, Germany. About two years later we returned to Switzerland, this time to Brugg.

My schooling took place in Brugg and Baden and finally at Zurich University where I studied law. On completion I chose to become a notary and now, after some years of experience and additional examinations, I am independent and run my own office.

Monika_Beach Besides work, my main interest is sport of all kinds. I can teach skiing, snow boarding and volleyball in school camps. For many years I played volleyball for Kanti Baden (as team captain) and Schoenenwerd. Both clubs were in the National League B. Unfortunately I had to retire in 2004 due to back problems. Beach volleyball is not so hard on the back, so I am still playing. I play for the Baden Beach Volleyball Club where I am also president of the steering committee. Up to now I have been 6 times regional (Aargau) champion and twice Swiss champion.
Swiss_Champions Monika Sekolec and Sidonia Küpfer
in Yverdon on 4th September 2005
after winning the Swiss Championship.
Tom Tom, who is a professional cook, took over the family restaurant Bahnhöfli in 2015, but decided to give it up end of 2019. We also married in 2019 and our son Dion Sean was born on 18. 11. 2019. Moni-Tom Dion